Our summer entertainment is called BullCart. In summer our ski lift is turned into a race course. Grab a BullCart and you are off on a wild ride! All you need is a meadow, several BullCarts and a summer lift to try out this latest trend. Going down the hill on BullCarts: These unmotorized tricycles promise speedy fun at off-road conditions. Suitable for children over 14 years or over 1,60 m height. Protective helmets are provided.


BullCarts - the new mountain fun at Maibrunn! Climb on the three-wheeled Bullcart at the valley station with a co-passenger of your choice and get pulled up by the drag lift. Now you steer your Bullcart over stick and stone down the mown track into the valley, enjoying the Bavarian Forest panorama. This is great fun and gives you a healthy appetite!


Suitable for adults and children over 14 years or 1,60 m body height. Downhill run around 850 m.

1 combi ticket:   4,00 €
3 combi tickets 10,00 €
10 combi tickets 30,00 €
50 combi tickets 140,00 €

Protective helmets are included
Group discounts on request


Stop for a bite to eat at the “Salettl” (at the valley station) or the “Hirschalmhütte” (at the mountain station) after the ride and enjoy our delicious “Schmankerl” (Bavarian delicacies). This entertainment event is also suitable for company outings or as an outdoor activity programme for a team building seminar.

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