SkinCeuticals - Exclusive at Maibrunn

Based on decades of scientific research, including the first patented original formula of a stable topic (externally used) serum of vitamin C by Dr. Sheldon R. Pinell, SkinCeuticals today is one of the leading brands in the field of antioxidant skin care and proactive UV protection. Antioxidants are known as a vital ingredient to fight off environmental skin aging caused by UV rays, stress or nicotine. It is the aim of SkinCeuticals to protect the health of your skin and fend off the main causes of premature skin aging.


The skin care products are used for professional cosmetic treatments and are recommended by American experts of dermatology and plastic surgery, medical spas and premium institutes. Developed in 1997 by renowned American dermatologists and scientists, SkinCeuticals has founded the market for Cosmeceuticals in the US and changed the skin care industry through significant technological developments. 


[To keep your skin healthy, our skin care philosophy is based on three principles:

  • V-Preventing premature skin aging by neutralizing free radicals that cause cell oxidation
    and results in skin damage
  • Protecting healthy skin from damaging UV rays through consistent UV protection
  • Correcting signs of skin aging to bring back youthful radiance to your skin